10 Rwanda Facts

  1. “Le Pays des Milles Collines” - the Land of a Thousand Hills. Capital is Kigali
  2. Rwanda is approximately the size of Vermont
  3. Current Population: 9 million
  4. Landlocked in Central East Africa with bordering countries: Uganda to north, Burundi in south, Dem. Rep of Congo on the West, Tanzania to the East.
  5. The current flag of Rwanda was designed by a local artist, Alphonse Kirimbenecyo. The yellow and green stripes are of equal length while the blue stripe is double the size of those stripes. The blue stripe is symbolic of happiness and peace. Yellow stands for the country's mineral wealth and economic development. The green stripe represents the natural resources and prosperity of the country. The sun and its rays in the Rwanda flag represent unity, transparency and enlightenment from ignorance.
  6. Famous for Mountain Gorillas - “Gorillas in the Mist” movie
  7. 800,000 people killed in 100 days during the 1994 Genocide Hutu and Tutsi conflict (April to July)
  8. Purple & Green is the color of genocide remembrance there
  9. Pink and Orange are colors of convicted genocidaires
  10. Current civil war/unrest that has claimed 5 million lives in the Dem. Rep. of Congo stems from 1994 Rwandan genocide