4Real - Make Change Real

4REAL Flow is a revolutionary donation tool for individuals. It's an easy-to-use tool to raise money for your favorite cause without spending any of your own.

How does it work?
4REAL Flow generates valuable offers and deals from businesses. By accepting any of the offers, money flows to your favorite cause. Also, with 4REAL Flow you can recommend friends and businesses to other members and search their recommendations. Searches also bring up any relevant offers providing more opportunities to flow money to your cause. 4REAL Flow is powered by 4REAL’s partner, Wantsa.

How do I get started?

1. Sign up and become a member of 4REAL.com and automatically receive your free 4REAL Flow account.

2. Select a cause you would like to raise funds for. (You can change your cause at any time.)

3. Look over the many offers from businesses. Offers include sponsorship, coupons, lead generation, surveys and polls.

4. Select offers. 100% of the funds from the offers you see will go to your cause.

5. Nice work! You've just flowed money to your cause without spending any of your own!

6. Recommend friends and businesses to other 4REAL members.

My favorite cause is not in the system. What can I do?

Any registered charity/non-profit can join 4REAL Flow. If your favorite cause is not currently in the system you can email them a description of 4REAL Flow with the following link: www.4real.com/join/