AFEM - Creative Weekend Workshop

Dominique working on the AFEM website/blog

Deena silkscreening tees

Factory Girls: Deena and me

Finished product! LOVE!
Journalist, Dominique Soguel had just traveled back from the Democratic Republic of Congo and was writing an article on AFEM, (a French acronym for Association des Femmes de Media) women journalists working with sexual violence survivors in the war-torn, Bukavu-South Kivu, Eastern DRC region...
 ...she hopes her article will raise awareness, money and donated equipment for these journalists after their offices were robbed in August. 

Last week, Dominique asked if I knew a designer that could create a graphic logo for the cause and organization's events. The day before, I had reconnected with an old friend and talented, prolific graphic designer, Deena Suh of Strong Kent Wythe, at a friend's party. I thought her bold, clean designs and her well-honed aesthetic sensibility would be great for this project.
- December 2008

Two months ago, I blogged about the initial collaboration between Dominique Soguel and Deena Suh.  Deena designed an amazing graphic for AFEM back in December.  

A few weeks ago, Chouchou Namegabe, the founding member of South Kivu’s Women Media Association in Democratic Republic of Congo, was informed that she won the Fern Holland - Vital Voices award and will attend the Washington D.C. ceremony in March. Dominique has arranged for Chouchou to speak at a Women's e-News panel event in NYC while she is stateside in March as well.

With a month to prepare for Chouchou's arrival in the states, Dominique, Deena and I decided to re-brand AFEM and hook the organization up with business cards, a new website/blog design and t-shirts for the staff in DRC. 
This Saturday, Dominque and I met Deena at her art studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for a creative working session.  We silkscreened 50 blank t-shirts donated by American Eagle Outfitters.  The tees turned out BEAUTIFULLY!  I've posted some pics of the process and product.  We are hoping to sell them at the event to raise money for AFEM.  Dominique started working on an initial blog website for AFEM to use...the link will be available once it is up and running.
More information on the AFEM NYC panel discussion event and fundraiser coming soon!
Monday, March 23, 2009
 6 pm at the Women's e-News headquarters: 
6 Barclay St. 6th Floor. NYC, NY 10007
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