AFEM - South Kivu Womens Media Assoc.

Deena Suh's design for AFEM

In my first week in Rwanda, I met a lovely, New York-based journalist named Dominique Soguel, whose sunny disposition was refreshing and reassuring in a place where I didn't know many people yet. She had just traveled back from the Democratic Republic of Congo and was writing an article on women journalists working with sexual violence survivors in the war-torn, Bukavu-South Kivu, Eastern DRC region.

After reading the article, Lauren Winter, deputy editor at the Committee to Protect Journalists. conceived of organizing a concert event in NYC (more to follow) to benefit this group of women journalists, AFEM, a French acronym for Association des Femmes de Media. Through this initiative, she hopes to raise awareness, money and donated equipment for these journalists after their offices were robbed in August.

Last week, Dominique asked if I knew a designer that could create a graphic logo for the cause and organization's events. The day before, I had reconnected with an old friend and talented, prolific graphic designer, Deena Suh of Strong Kent Wythe, at a friend's party. I thought her bold, clean designs and her well-honed aesthetic sensibility would be great for this project. D.S and D.S (coincidentally, both share the same initials) would be a perfect match together! ...and I luckily had the pleasure of linking them up for this collaboration.

Strong Kent Wythe's concept behind the design:

"Our thinking around this was to embrace the national iconography for the DRC and appropriate elements that have been (or are currently) in place on the national crest and flag (spearheads, sickle, star, etc). Our goal was to recombine the elements to say something new.
In addition, we incorporated the heart to symbolize 'love'. The quill to represent 'media/communication'."

DRC flag
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