Alfred - 23

Alfred is currently studying Accounting (6th Form) through Free Candidate Training.

He was born in a rural area, south of Kigali.  His parents perished in Nyamata Mission Church during the genocide.  They took refuge there from the militias and were killed in the cathedral.
He survived along with his elder sister, brother and a few aunts.  Afterwards, they continued on to Gitarama, and then onto Butare, where they camped out at the National University until the war ended.
He remembers his parents telling him that if anyone survived the genocide, that they should care for any other surviving relatives and not to sell the house, property or land.  His parents hoped that one or two of them would survive and wished them luck and success in their life ahead.
After the genocide, he lived in Nyamata orphanage, and then moved into a house that was rehabilitated.  Sometime later, a worker from World Vision pleaded for him to be taken to an orphanage,  His relatives did not want to help him and grant him child’s rights, so they chased him from their home.
Since then, Alfred has roamed around and finally found friends in Kigali where he stays for one month periods.  Life has been like that until he came to Gisimba Memorial Center.
There was no more space at Gisimba to house him.  However, Gisimba was willing to take care of his school fees, materials and health care.  They helped him finished his secondary school, but he could not pass the national exams, so he is currently re-attempting them soon.

He dreams of being an important person for himself, his surviving relatives and for his society. He would like to advance his studies, become an expert accountant and then work for the development of Rwanda as well as for his future family. He desires to help other people living in disasters or children in distress.

A word of wisdom he would like to bestow on others... "Life is full of barriers and we need to cross them by endurance and respecting and maintaining relationships... because it is very important to live in peace with everyone. "  He feels, "There is no reason to despair because every step of our life is part of God’s plan, no matter what circumstances or difficult situations we may have to pass through."

Alfred's biggest challenge is that he has no permanent place to live. He will be happy if he is able to live in a single house or have room to stay in, to be independent. Unfortunately, where he sleeps today is not where he will sleep tomorrow, for his age does not allow him to be received at an orphanage.

Alfred likes to play sports, especially soccer, and enjoys singing and praying.

He loves to drink milk and eat bananas and cassava.  In terms of foreign food, he likes mayonnaise with chips and rice, pizza and chocolates.