Alice B. - 22

At the start of the genocide, Alice's family went into exile in Burundi. Her father died there. When they returned to Rwanda, others villagers wanted their property.  These people framed her mother, accusing her of being involved in a massacre and consequently, she was put in prison for 6 years.

During this period, her two brothers along with her three sisters wandered around aimlessly without any parental guidance.
Alice has been at Gisimba Orphanage for the past two years.  She is currently studying IT & Computer Management skills at a secondary school called Group Scolaire INDANGABUREZI. She dreams to study at an university.  She would like to work in a job caring for other vulnerable children. Alice wishes people to live in peace and feels that would help society.
She has a hearty appetite and loves all food, especially hamburgers, juice and candy!  She's a good football/soccer player and is a member of her school team.