Bang for Your Buck

Seth Chase, a friend I met while hiking up Nyiragongo Volcano in the DRC, just won the semifinals of an Oxfam-sponsored documentary competition, Shooting Poverty, and is here to screen his film, Bang for Your Buck, at the UN and Tribeca. His film is on the culture of violence in Burundi, specifically about grenade attacks...if you are interested in checking it out in Tribeca on Tuesday night.

Bang for Your Buck is set in Burundi, a post conflict country that is the fourth poorest country in the world, where one thing remains affordable to all: the grenade. Not one week goes by without a grenade attack and the film follows journalist Teddy Mazina who reports these news from the TV Renaissance studio in the capitol Bujumbura.

Beyond the headlines, the film will take us to meet the actual victims of the attacks who share with Teddy how it is impossible to have a semblance of unity when it is so easy to solve problems by throwing grenades, rather than working through issues peacefully. We meet maimed survivors of attacks, which punctuates the broken and deficient relationships in the community. The film shows how the personal accounts are living breathing statistics resulting from the greater problem of illegal arms transfers which has handicapped a nation from moving forward in a mature, functional, healthy manner.

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