Beatrice - 15

Beatrice was baby during the genocide and has no memory of her parents.  After the war, she was taken an orphanage (not Gisimba) with her three brothers.  Later, they were placed with other family members and tried to adjust to living under foster care.  However, these aunts and uncles mistreated them and they fled.  Her siblings and her were separated and she did not see them for 10 years.  She has spent the last 5 years at the Gisimba orphanage and is studying "O" Levels at her first year at secondary school.  She would like to work with computers and Internet Technology.

Beatrice is a member of the school Karate club and is one of only four girls on the team.  She thinks karate is amazing and so much fun.  The people who practice karate are the most disciplined. She feels it is an important skill to have. If she sees someone doing an injustice, she will be able to help.
As a natural athlete, she also enjoys playing volleyball.  With her rock-hard determination, she tells me she has a desire to learn many languages, English and French being two of them.  There is no doubt in my mind that she will be fluent in no time!  Her favorite food is Sombe, a dish made from Cassava leaves.
Beatrice is a selfless person and likes help others with their problems.  She likes to share what she has and doesn't like to dwell on herself.
She would like to tell others that Rwandans are enjoying freedom now and that peace is blowing around the country.