Brew your own Banana Beer - Kwenga Urwagwa

Dimly lit "bar",  where  Mitch, Kara, Jobb and I sampled our first banana beer

The first night I arrived in Kigali, Taylor took me to a local "bar" that served homemade banana beer.  For those that would like to attempt to make some, I've attached the recipe I found at the National Museum of Butare.

  1. Cut a ripe stalk of bananas
  2. The stalk is covered in banana leaves and left to ripen for two or three days.
  3. The pit that will be used for fermenting is cleaned.
  4. Covered with trunks of banana trees...the bananas are laid on top.
  5. They are wrapped in fresh banana leaves before covering with a layer of dirt.
  6. A fire is lit under them and left for three days.
  7. The fruit is peeled and crushed, and the juice is diluted with a little water.
  8. The pulp is pressed, and the juice filtered.
  9. A little sorghum is grounded.
  10. The sorghum flour is added to the juice which is poured into a large vat over the hearth.
  11. It is left to ferment for three days.
  12. The drink is ready!  Cheers!