Call the Denim Doctors!

Good as new! Denim Doctors/Denim Revival

Denim Therapy

Practice What You Preach. One of the ways to prevent textile waste....Repair Your Denim.

I LOVE Denim Doctors! (They just recently changed their name to Denim Revival)
I spoke with Sean (the owner) over the phone and he was super helpful. Great speedy service!
One of my favorite pairs of jeans had massive holes in the knees and they came back to me good as new!

Last year, I had another ripped pair of jeans (what can I say? I wear jeans a lot and keep them for many years) repaired in NYC at Denim Therapy. They also did a steller job. It was a bit more expensive and the service was slower.

So...No need to throw your favorite jeans away again! Just have them repaired...while saving yourself money and saving the environment.

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