Chantal - 21

Chantal is currently not enrolled in school. She is looking to study Economics at a University.

She lost both parents during the genocide. Her mother was burned to death on the street in front her and her brother. Her mother died calling out her name. The killers left the siblings to die on the side of the road because they did not want blood on their hands from killing children. A soldier found the group of children and put them in a compound and later, took them to another orphanage in the area. That orphanage has since closed down. Chantal and her brother have been at Gisimba for 9 years.

She fondly remembers her father being very loving and came home from work with a lot of love. He was proud of her because they were very alike…in features and character. Her family was smiling and sociable. Despite all she has gone through and the bad things she's seen, she still feels it is important to learn how to love and accept others. The best thing for her is to be able to continue studying and achieve a better life with her brother, who is also still living at Gisimba. She would like to work at a bank in the future.

She likes to sing gospel music.