Collin Sekajugo - Ivuka Arts Studio

"Young Heroes" by Collin Sekajugo - 3 x 4 ft
Valued at $700; Starting bid: $300. Current bid: $600

I'm really thrilled to announce that the Reaching Out: Gisimba Orphanage event will exhibiting Rwandan artist, Collin Sekajugo's work! His masterful use of vibrant colors to create vivid motion makes his stunning work breathe a life of its own.

He has generously donated his "Young Heroes" piece for the silent auction. The painting measures 4ft long and 3 ft high. It depicts a tradition dance performed by young energetic men or boys for the king of Rwanda. It's also an inspiration from what Collin's kids dance troupe perform during their shows.

More on the other artists and photographers participating in the event to come...