Congolese Refugee Camp - Muyinga, Burundi

Andreas with a following...

Camp kids

World Food Program unloading sacks of corn, maize & beans

Versace's next ad campaign?

Firewood distribution at the camp
For the past few years, my friend, Andreas Capjon, has run Congolese refugee camps in the DRC and Burundi for the Norwegian Refugee Council. I went to visit one of the camps for a day. Located in the northeastern Burundi town of Muyinga, the camp is home to approximately 10,000 Congolese fleeing from conflict in Eastern DR Congo. There are schools, shops, banana plantations and a health clinic here...basically a mini-village. Standards here are above-average compared to the 100,000 (Internally Displaced Persons) camp he was running in Goma, DRC. However, there are plenty of issues and problems that arise here.  From incinerating 11 tons of contaminated maize flour to cholera outbreaks, managing these camps are definitely not for the faint-hearted. Props to Andreas!
Most ironic thing: As I was sitting in the office of the secondary school at the camp, I noticed a large color poster displaying a picture of the largest hotel in Dubai on the otherwise bare walls.
Slightly confused, I wondered how they got the poster and why they decided to decorate a poverty-stricken refugee camp with such an ostentatious display of wealth....Inspirational and Aspirational maybe? A little weird and out-of-place if you ask me.....
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