Cup of Joe - Rwanda Coffee Bike Program

My friend, Jenny Conaway, from Project Rwanda, just posted this up:

Pauly is delivering fresh coffee to you on his bike, just like they do in Rwanda. Project Rwanda will receive $3 for everybag of Wooden Bike Coffee you purchase.

The cost of one bag of coffee is $9.95. You can order regular, dark roast, whole bean and decaf. Select the coffee you would like to drink and reply back to this email with your order. You can Pauly when he delivers the coffee or send him a check in the mail. He will take care of the shipping cost and deliver your coffee to your door. A coffee farmer in Rwanda makes an average of $1 a day. Help the coffee farmers of Rwanda by ordering great fair trade certified coffee at the same price we would spend at the grocery store.

It is up to you how far Pauly ride! (He's located in the St. Louis, I think the delivery area is within the state.) For more info about Project Rwanda and all the great work they are doing check out

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