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Demotix: News By You - Contributers in Iran this past week

Demotix is a citizen-journalism website and photo agency. It takes user-generated content (UGC) and photographs from freelance journalists and amateurs, and markets them to the mainstream media.

Demotix was founded with two principles at its heart - the freedom of speech and the freedom to know. Its objective is nothing if not ambitious - to rescue journalism and promote free expression by connecting independent journalists with the traditional media. Demotix was recently honored with a Guardian Media award for independent media.

Demotix now has over 5000 members, in 110 countries around the world from Afghanistan to Zambia.

Matt Pascarella recently informed me about Demotix and I think it is a great innovative platform for new media.   The documentation from this week's fallout from Iran's election is an excellent example of how ordinary citizens are getting the word out about the injustices happening in Tehran while chronicling the revolution taking place on the streets real-time.  Demotix is truly,"The News By You".

Matt's work with Demotix is geared around helping them develop a presence here in the States—both with selling content to media organizations, generating press about their work, and helping them to form strategic partnerships.

If you are interested in getting involved with Demotix's work please contact Matt at: