Emmanuel - 16

Emmanuel is enrolled at KIGARAMA Secondary School

Dreams of becoming a man of self-worth and importance to others. He would like to attend university and develop a career in Accounting. In soft-spoken English, he describes how he was 2 years old when he was separated from his family during the genocide. Gisimba orphanage is the only home he's ever known. He remembers a time when people in the community could not show him love or affection when he felt sadness about the absence of his parents. He felt bitterness when he realized poverty was keeping him from attending a better school. He speaks Kinya-rwanda, French and English. He says if he is able to receive help with his studies, he will most likely reach his goal.

He is currently placed at an adopted family for 4 months out of the year while he is not at school.

He hopes to find a sponsor that will care, support and guide him to become a person of worth to society. He has a curiosity about the USA and wants to know more about the culture there.

He is most grateful for being alive, and happy just to be able to given the chance to study.