Eric - 20

Eric is currently studying at E.T.M. Kigali Secondary (level 4) focusing on Humanity Sciences

Eric was 6 years old when he arrived at Gisimba during the 1994 genocide. His uncle took him to the orphanage after his parents were murdered. During the war, conditions were terrible. They could only eat and shower once in 3 days and if they were lucky, they could eat lunch but not dinner. After the war, things got better day by day, and he was eventually able to go back to school. Gisimba has cared for him for 14 years. However, he worries about the future…school fees, food and career.

He misses the affection of his parents and wishes he could have spent more time with them. He tries to forget the past because he wants to focus on moving forward.

He would like a friend/sponsor that he could exchange ideas with. He wants to talk about the lives of children and orphans in Africa.

In his spare time, he likes to play soccer and enjoys eating spaghetti and meat.

He aspires to being a Prosecuting Lawyer.