Fast and Furious Fundraising - Distribution of School and Medical Supplies for Afar village, Hamed Ela. Danakil Depression - Ethiopia

MANY THANKS to all who donated to the Create for a Cause - Fast and Furious Fund Raising for the school in the Afar village of Hamed Ela, Ethiopia! We surpassed the $700 needed and raised a whopping $2000 USD! The first $1000 was used for a year's worth of school supplies (notebooks, pencils, erasers, sharpeners) for 102 students along with 20 boxes of nutritional biscuits, hydration solutions & water cleaning tablets. The next $1000 will be used for more supplies or to fund a sustainable project in the area.

The surprise distribution went great! Thanks again to Liza and Christos Andreou of Pangeans Safaris for partnering with C4C and buying the supplies and handling the distribution. See the pictures above documenting the start to finish. Liza and Christos said the children were really happy and wanted to thank everyone for their help! :-)

Unfortunately, the girls at the school were unable to receive their supplies that day because they were out working! (sigh) The Headmaster promised to Liza, that they would get the supplies when school starts soon.

More updates coming...

Thanks again for all your support! :-)