Gisimba Memorial Center - Kresta K.C. Venning

Kresta's photography book about Gisimba is ready now! Get it here.

In 2005, Kresta K.C. Venning spearheaded two photography projects at the Gisimba Memorial Center with "Cameras Build Communities". The First Photography Project consisted of disposable cameras donated from friends and the Kodak SNAPFoundation. The Second Photography Project captures the children sharing Kresta's D70 camera. The faces on these kids as they look at the pictures they've just taken are priceless!

This year, Kresta has produced a second photography book, a collection of portraits that she took at the Gisimba Memorial Center in Kigali, Rwanda. Proceeds from this book, will go to fund the orphanage.

Kresta would like to return to Kigali, Rwanda, to offer a Third Photography Workshop to the orphans at Gisimba Memorial Center. She would like to establish a program that would help 15 orphans thrive, not just survive, by developing photography skills for life. Her reasons for passing on her passion for photography:
  1. Photography gives a child another language with which to explore and experience his/her world
  2. Photography is a marketable skill, one not offered in public school in Rwanda.
  3. Photographs taken by workshop participents can be sold to raise funds to sustain the orphanage's ongoing needs.

Kresta has a Masters of Art(Photography), 8 years teaching experience, extensive international travel, including to trips to Rwanda where she led two photography workshops at Gisimba Memorial Center. Kresta's photographs have been widely published on-line, in print, video, and documentary by commercial businesses and not-for-profit organizations including The Lonely Planet, The United States Holocaust Museum, UNICEF, CARE, and The United Nations.

Much of her photographic work has been donated as she is deeply committed to raising awareness about AIDS, malaria, poverty, orphans, and genocide. Kresta is passionate putting cameras into the hands and lives of Rwanda children.