Gisimba Orphanage Update - Artfully Unforgotten

Gisimba's Cheerleader 

Heather and Kayo at Gisimba

A local primary school

With the funds raised at "GISIMBA: Understanding Through Art", Artfully Unforgotten, together with Create for a Cause, was able to cover the educational expenses, for the year of 2009, for eleven of the secondary students who are supported by the Gisimba Memorial Center Orphanage.  These expenses include those related to school fees, school supplies, transportation and hygiene products.  Total funds transferred to Gisimba Orphanage: $3500 USD.

Heather Metcalfe, the Director of Artfully Unforgotten, just returned from the orphanage a week ago to deliver the funds, as well as catch up on the lives of the children at Gisimba and their needs. In addition, she worked with some of the younger ones on their math and writing skills, played numerous games with the children and was able to visit the school attended by most of the children.

While there, Heather befriended Hiyaki Kayoto "Kayo", of the Japanese International Cooperative Agency. Kayo is volunteering at Gisimba until 2010 and is working on developing field trips for the children to businesses, as well as to the mountains.  In support of her project, Heather initiated relationships between Gisimba and Fed Ex, the Librairie Ikirezi Bookshop and Ravi Ramakrishna, a Professor at the Kigali Institute of Science & Technology. Hopefully, by visiting these institutions the children will be exposed to different careers and perhaps develop relationships that will help them in the future. The trip to the mountain will provide them with a much needed escape from the sometimes difficult life at Gisimba.
Create for a Cause's goal for 2009 is to raise another $2000 USD for the orphanage. Artfully Unforgotten is looking to raise a remaining $500 USD for a grand total of $6000 USD this year.