Indego Africa

Ben Stone and Indego's Founder, Matt Mitro at the Covanya's New Computer Center

I found out about Indego Africa in a most serendipitous way. Ben Stone, the Sr. VP and General Counsel for Indego Africa noticed the Reaching Out: Gisimba Orphanage flyer at a restaurant in Brooklyn a few weeks ago. After reading it, he realized that besides our common interest and work in Rwanda.... we both also live in the same apartment building in NYC! He facebook messaged me and we ended up having a great chat up on the roof deck about our projects. What a happy coincidence! ;-)

Indego Africa -- which stands for INdependence, DEvelopment, and GOvernance -- is an innovative social enterprise built upon the belief that women in Rwanda can lift themselves out of poverty. Indego Africa first provides more than 200 Rwandan artisans with access to the global marketplace, enabling them to sell their vibrant handicrafts for a fair wage. Indego Africa's handicrafts are currently on sale in dozens of retail stores in the U.S, including the Art Institute of Chicago and the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. and on its WEBSTORE. Indego Africa then applies 100% of profits to its long-term skills training programs in financial management, accounting, computer usage, and literacy, which are administered by Rwanda's top university students.