Ivuka Arts Studio - Rwanda

I LOVE this multi-color brick wall!

I mentioned the Ivuka Arts Studio in an earlier post, but I wanted the post these cool pictures up that photographer, Ryan Frost, took while he was there this summer. I met Ryan through my friend, Jenny Conaway, while heading over to one of their friend's going-away parties in her jeep. It was a memorable moment when I was getting out of the back of her jeep and unknowingly stepped into the brownie cake (she had made for the going-away person) sitting on the floor of the jeep. SQUISH! I gingerly extracted my chocolate-covered foot out of the baking tin. The party had to eat around my distinct "flip flop" footprint in the cake, but everyone seemed pretty good humored about it.

Ivuka Arts is a studio in Kigali, Rwanda where accomplished artist, Collin Sekajugo develops new artists. The painters here are able to sell their paintings and make enough money to provide for themselves financially. Collin's artwork is sold to patrons from around the world.