Jean Bosco - 23

Jean Bosco is majoring in Accounting at Groupe Scolaire INDANGABUREZI (level S4)
He would like to become a bank manager.

Born in Kigali and lost both his parents during the genocide. The Rwandan Government Forces (RGF) militia had a list and picked up his mother and father from the house. They were taken to a roadblock and killed. As the oldest son, at 6 years old, he stayed at home taking care of his two brothers and sister. When they ran out of food, they sought refuge at a neighbor's home. After the war, the neighbors fled to the Congo in fear of retribution from the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF). Jean Bosco and his brothers and sister were abandoned at the house and had to separate.

He lived on the street and was very bitter about his circumstances and the fact that his schooling was delayed. He went to live with a friend and five years later, discovered that his brothers and sister were at the Gisimba orphanage. Luckily, he was also able to be sponsored by the orphanage and was so happy to be reunited with his family. He lives in small family house in a village called Mageragere.

He remembers that his parents told him that his future depends on studying and it is important that he work very hard. He is lucky to study at boarding school and he likes to spend a lot of time at school. Times are harder during the vacation months because he is at home without food or money, so it is more of a struggle.

He likes to do sports and workout. Activities he likes are soccer, karate, and swimming whenever he gets a chance. He enjoys reading and would like to write a book of stories of the lives of orphans. He likes to listen to soft and slow music such as Justin Timberlake, Westlife and Backstreet Boys. He likes to eat local food, socialize and laugh. He is interested in drawing, but does not have the means or the time.