Jean Claude - 20

Jean Claude is studying at Ecole Secondaire Baptiste de Fraternité in Gisenyi.

Militias attacked the North Region and its infrastructure and killed his whole family. His mother's last words to him were, "To keep on praying his whole life." He remembers running for about 100 meters when he heard the gun shot that killed his mother. The militia tried to kill him as well, but a government soldier took him to Gisimba when he was 6 years old.

He shares that when" you don't have any one to care for you, you feel rejected and discarded." His life improved at Gisimba. He felt restored once he was able to socialize and make friends with others who had similar experiences. Like Gisimba's founder, Damas, he wants to encourage people to heal and have compassion for others. This thought is very crucial and he wishes everyone could act in this way.

He is learning secretarial skills and has an interest technical/electrical engineering and car mechanics. He is patriotic, loves soccer, East African music and eating spaghetti.