Jean Paul - 19

He is currently enrolled at E.T. Karugamba and would like to pursue a career in Construction/Engineering.

He had 2 brothers and 2 sisters growing up and was 5 years old when the genocide happened.

Soldiers killed his older brother and sister in front of him. They were going to kill him as well, until his mother told them to kill her first. They burned his mother in front of him. He ran away and hid in a ditch to save himself. A young man came with a machete and wanted to kill a boy. He found Jean Paul and hit him on the head and assumed he was dead. His sister refused to leave his side. After a while a soldier found them, dressed Jean Paul's wounds, and brought food for them to eat.

He has fond memories of his mother. She loved him very much since he was the youngest boy. She would bring special treats and sweets just for him after work. They slept in the same bed and she told him bedtime stories. As the youngest, he spent the most time with his mother.

After her passing, he wanted to be a soldier to take his revenge. The army rejected him because he was too young. Later, he met many other people with similar problems and stories…and realized that the solution was not revenge.

Gisimba has shown him much love over the years and he regards the staff as his family. He has learned how to live with many different people. He wants others to know what happened in Rwanda and never wants this tragedy to happen anywhere else. He wishes for people to live in harmony.

He wants to study and become a Civil Engineer to change his future. He likes to pray, play soccer and basketball and dance to Calypso music. He likes to eat macaroni, rice and milk.