Keep Their Voices Alive: Donate to Voices of Rwanda

Many Thanks to all my friends who donated through Causes on Facebook for my Birthday Wish campaign to raise $500 for Voices of Rwanda. VOR Founder and friend, Taylor Krauss, is trying to raise $25,000 by Feb 14, 2011. Help save a life story here:

Rwanda is not a cause, nor is Rwanda in crisis.
And yet the way we engage with Rwanda tells us much about who we are.

Since 2006, the Voices of Rwanda team has been recording the stories of survivors of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, and building a unique archive--the largest body of video testimonies in Rwanda. The testimonies are a living conscience. They ensure that history is not lost, rewritten or negated. They have a lot to teach the world. And they need your support.

The Flora Family Foundation has just pledged to us a generous grant of $25,000, but we must match that amount in individual contributions to secure it. $5 will pay for one hour of real-time translation. $150 will pay for transcribing a complete testimony. $500 will pay for the recording and preservation of a testimony in its entirety. Anything you contribute will help keep the stories of survivors like Antoinette alive.

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