Kool Kenya Facts

Obama matatu bus
  • Obama-Safaris - Will take you around Kisumu, Western Kenya, where Obama-fanatics can trace his heritage.  The visit includes a trip to his grandmother’s village. The matatu buses here are plastered with campaign posters of the Presidential-hopeful…so it’s no secret who Kenyans are rooting for.

  • No Smoking…Seriously! With fines up to $700 USD along with a possible 6 month prision sentence for smoking in public …it makes one think about quitting.
  • Don’t mess with the Plants! In a city nicknamed, “Nairobbery”, one wouldn’t think stealing plants or flowers on the side of the road would be a big deal considering all of the muggings/carjackings that go on in the capital. However, the “Kamba”, the notorious witch doctor tribe, handles all of the plant and flora dealings and can place some nasty curses on thieves...so think twice before picking that rose!