Life Under A Mosquito Net

  • Pros: Protection against mosquitos/malaria. Cool, tropical decor. Looking thru it gives my room a nice atmospheric, romantic feel.
  • Cons: Getting tangled up in it, tossing it aside and sleeping without it by the morning. Not being able to reach my water, phone, etc while lying in bed.  Seeing dead mosquitos stuck on it...or live insects crawling around on it.
I came to Rwanda with every type of mosquito spray, lotion, plug-in repellent, coil and anti-malarial pill. Taylor has been making fun of me...he says the repellent fumes from my room are overwhelming and there is no way any mosquito is coming near me.
Almost all of the ex-pats that have been living in Rwanda for awhile are not taking anti-malarials due to the negative long term effects of the pills.  One month into my stay, I have decided to stop taking the pills because I hate how they make me feel.