Marching to the Beat of His Own Sax - Parade of One

Parade of One Founder, Jeremy Danneman dislikes drawing distinctions between art that promotes positive social change and art for its own sake. Parade of One, Inc. promotes both.

"Audiences, performers, and artists will all benefit from Parade of One activities. Too often, creative minds are crippled by a lack of funding, when just a little money will open the doors for them to change the world. Meanwhile, audiences are left thirsty for original music, art, theater, and film that seeks, not so much, to profit its sponsors, but to benefit the greater community. Parade of One, Inc. seeks not only to find the funding for creative ideas, but also to provide a forum for the discussion and promotion of such ideas."

Danneman will be collaborating with filmmaker Daddy Ruhorahoza and the Rwa Makondera children’s dance troupe on his trip to Rwanda in August. Also on the agenda, are performances at Heaven, Rwanda’s premier restaurant and Torero Café, a arts-centered bar/coffee shop, in Kigali. The parade would like to promote education and the arts in Rwanda.

Jeremy Danneman is a Brooklyn based saxophonist, clarinetist, and composer who enjoys performing in an eclectic variety of styles, including jazz, rock, latin, reggae, avant-garde and much more.