NY Street Art Takeover

On this summer-in-spring Saturday, Posterboy and Jordan of Public Ad Campaign organized the NY Street Art Takeover to reclaim illegal advertising structures for ourselves and the public at large.

NPA outdoor operates over 500 street level billboards in NYC ranging in size from about 4'x4' to 20'x12'. All of these advertising structures are illegal. The Department of Buildings has no permits for any advertising structures like the NPA outdoor structures. NPA outdoor employees have mentioned that cops will jail them from time to time at which point NPA lawyers bail them out and they are compensated 500 dollars for the nuisance of spending the night in jail.

Numerous small groups painted over 140 NPA outdoor locations white during the day. Afterwards, a second team of public artists and non-artists stealthily returned in the evening to use the space however they saw fit.

The intention of the project is to challenge the use of public space for commercial interests while providing an avenue for public expression which should be at the heart of public interests.

Here are few pics we took...and some impromptu add-ons we did. ;-) Fun project!