Pirate's Booty: Resolving Conflict on the Coast of Somalia, a journalist's view

Photographer Veronique de Viguerie/Getty Images courtesy of the Guardian UK
The New York Center For Conflict Dialogue 
is pleased to sponsor a conflict
dialogue roundtable on
 'Resolving Conflict on the Coast of Somalia,
 a journalist's view.'

Speaker: Ms. Falistin Ahmed Iman
Former Program Producer at HornAfrik Media (1999-2007) in Somalia, and at the Voice of America Kenya (2008)

Date: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 Time: 6:30 p.m.

Venue: Global Information Network. 146 W, 29th street between 6th & 7th Street. 7th Floor.

Moderator: Spencer Chiimbwe, Coordinating Chairman, New York Center For Conflict Dialogue.

RSVP: 212-244-3123
from Mrs. Ahmed Imam's bio:
"Working as a leading female journalist in the emerging independent media of the traditionally male–dominated war-torn Somalia brings some measure of risk as well as responsibilities. Soon after I started working for HornAfrik media, some religious groups expressed reservations over my appearance in the television. Some complained about the headscarf I was wearing, instead of the “Islamic Hijab’. Others felt that it was ‘un-Islamic’ for a woman to play such a prominent role in the media. But I refused to be held back by these negative stereotypes against women. I used the pressure from these groups to become a better role model for other females joining the media profession. I try to assist young girls excel in their work, enhance their skills and build their confidence, despite the challenges.

Today, women play a more prominent role in the emerging independent media of Somalia. As a result, their voices and appearances in the local radio and television station attract little attention; let alone vocal opposition from radical groups..."

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