RAD is in RwAnDa

More reasons why Rwanda Rocks...

  1. By law, one day out of every month, all citizens of Rwanda must clean the streets, land and buildings.  It's called Umuganda - a community service day.  How cool is that?! That's why the streets here are really clean and free from litter.  For some reason, I can't picture the USA or NYC, for that matter, creating a law like that.  However, I'd love to see Donald Trump taking out the trash!
  2. Women and men here love their Curves...from the hilly, winding roads to the female form.  At the markets, one can buy a "buttock-enhancing pad" which one wears underneath clothing.  I'm going to check it out...(photos to follow)
  3. The annual Project Rwanda Wooden Bike Classic starting on Aug 29.  The WBC is a multi-day, multi-bike festival in which traditional wooden coffee bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, single speeds race to win various prizes. Those wishing to compete as a group, there is a Corporate Cup as well, which is open to any corporation, NGO, embassy or organization. This race is destined to be "The New Tour de France"!