Rebuilding Hope - Sudan

Last week, I went to a screening of a documentary called "Rebuiding Hope" my friend, Amy Brown, produced with acclaimed Director, Jen Marlowe (Darfur Diaries 2004).

"Rebuilding Hope" features the homecoming to South Sudan of Gabriel Bol Deng, Garang Mayuol and Koor Garang, as well as their efforts to develop health and education in their villages. All three young men were forced to flee their homes twenty years ago, as young children, when militiamen led violent attacks on their villages. They crossed Southern Sudan on foot, surviving disease and paralyzing hunger to reach safety in a refugee camp in Ethiopia and then Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, before coming to the US in 2001.

It is a powerful, inspirational and moving piece. Currently, Jen is looking to raise funds to complete the documentary. All proceeds from the film will go to support health and education in South Sudan. Check out her site for more information and donations.