Rwanda Random Facts

  1. Rwandans like country music as well as soft, slow easy listening music, such as Norah Jones and Celine Dion.
  2. Plastic bags are illegal here. Go Green!
  3. 300+ registered NGOs in Rwanda.
  4. Don’t eat on the streets or while walking. It’s rude.
  5. PDA is bad.
  6. Large glass of milk signifies wealth.
  7. Heineken owns all the beers in Rwanda: including Primus and Mutzig
  8. The airport in Kigali has free wi-fi!
  9. There are only 3 Rwandan psychiatrists in the whole country.
  10. Babies are carried on the back, Suitcases on the head.
  11. In traditional Rwandan dances, the women's dance emulates a cow with horns.  It's really graceful and reminiscent of Polynesian dances.
  12. Inner thighs are the sexiest part of a woman. So, no shorts above the knees here.
  13. Men wishing to marry have to offer a cow dowry to the woman’s family. Higher number of cows is representative of how much value the woman has.
  14. Highest compliment paid toward a woman is, " You have the eyes of a cow!"