Sanyu Babies Home Orphanage - Kampala, Uganda

Playing with their new Adidas soccer ball.

Kindergarten playroom

I rolled into Kampala last Thursday with 24 hours to spend there. I asked around about orphanages in the area and was directed to the Sanyu Babies Home, which houses up to 50 children (newborns to toddlers). SBH is one of the oldest orphanages in Kampala, founded in 1929 by Milnes Winfred Walker. She was a mid-wife at nearby Mengo Hospital and made it her duty to rescue the abandoned babies that were left on the hospital doorsteps.

Since then, the orphanage has cared for the many abandoned, destitute, handicapped and orphaned babies and children in the area. There are over 2 million abandoned children in Uganda, many of whom are left by garbage heaps, in latrines or on the side of the road. They range in age from just a few hours after birth to two years.
I spoke with the Director there, Barbara Nankya, and she mentioned to me that they had an urgent need for baby milk formula and diapers. So, I managed to run out to bring back 8 canisters of milk. I arrived just in time for feeding and was allowed to bottle-feed the newborns and play soccer with the toddlers in playground. It was sad to think all these children were discarded, but comforting to know there is a place like Sanyu that cares for them.
SBH also helps facilitate local and international adoptions with the children.
Currently, SBH is looking to establish and build a Day Care Center here to assist the busy parents in the community around the Home and to integrate the children in the Home to the community. This center would help subsidize costs of running the orphanage as well as serve as a research unit for the home and organizations dealing with children. This project would cost approximately $19,000 USD.

Barbara Nankya - Administrator
Contact number: +256 712 370 950

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