Solange - 17

Solange was born in the Southern province and is currently studying her "O" levels at GIHOGWE Secondary school.  Her father died during the genocide.  After the war, her mother took her to work on other's people land to help cultivate crops on plantations.  She was 6 years old.

She is the eldest child and has four sisters and one brother.  Her mother passed away in 1997 due to a back fracture from digging a pit to get lime for the house wall.  After her death, her siblings and her were chased from the small house they used to live in.  They were separated and lived with different families, helping with household chores in return for food.  Some of them were able to attend primary school, since it was free in the countryside.
With encouragement from a paster, Solange enrolled to take a national exam.  She passed, and is trying to obtain school fees to continue her education.  Gisimba is trying help her with her studies and to find a sponsor for her.  At the present time, she is living with a foster family. Her guardian likes to keep her at home so she can help with the house, so it is difficult for her to further her studies.
Her mother taught her and her siblings to be well behaved, kind and to obey everyone, even if they may mistreat them.  She told Solange, since she was the oldest, that she would have to look after the younger ones.  She prayed for them and gave them Psalm 34:1 from the Bible.
She envisions a life where she may have a home, school fees, clothes and health care for her family.  She believes that would help them have a better future.  She wishes her younger sister would be able to get a sponsorship, since there is no way for her to attend school.
Her dream is to become a doctor and be able to help her younger sisters and brother.  She would also like to help other children who have experienced similar situations.  She feels whomever can bring hope to the hopeless, will be blessed.
Solange enjoys singing and playing volleyball and other sports.