Sponsor Visit - Homa Bay, Kenya

Homa Bay, Kenya

Playing some soccer with Cliffe.

Meeting the elders

Extended family
The 3 hour truck ride over rocky and washed-out roads to Homa Bay from Kisumu, Kenya was definitely an experience I won't forget.  Plan International - Kenya has been in the Homa Bay region for 5 years working with community leaders to improve living conditions in nearby villages.
In addition to bringing children's books, clothes, a Red Cross first aid kit, vitamins and an Adidas soccer ball for the homestead, I was able to pick up some groceries for the village on the way.  It was really exciting to finally meet my sponsored child, Cliffe and his extended family. They were all so welcoming and made me a delicious meal out of chicken, rice, vegetables and maize bread.  They live in a small home made out of mud and sticks and are a very tight-knit community. Cliffe is adorable and very shy, but warmed up to me after we hung out a bit.  I took a bunch of family portraits and played soccer for a few hours with them.