Sponsor Visit - Oboge, Kenya

The students and I at Oboge Primary School, established in 1978 by community members.  Their school (in the background) is made up of mud and sticks with corrugated tin roofs.  They are looking to upgrade and build new facilities for the 150+ students in attendance there.

I spoke with Erick's teacher about his studies and the progress that Plan Kenya - Kisumu has made within their community.

Meeting his family and presenting gifts.

Serenaded by the students. Such a treat!
On Tuesday, I visited my other sponsored child, Erick in the Oboge area of Kisumu, Kenya....just a few steps away from the Equator line and Barack Obama's grandmother's hometown.  I was welcomed into the school by singing students and was overwhelmed by their hospitality and friendliness.  After a tour of the facilities, the director of the school showed me the 2 latrines that Plan helped build this past year for the children. Plan has been working with the Oboge region for the past 2 years so far.
Plan Kenya's main mission is to build healthy and empowered communities, focusing on child survival, safe motherhood/reproductive health, water and environmental sanitation, education, household security, development of a civil sustainable society and prevention and support care of HIV/AIDS.  Western Kenya has some of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS in the country. Before Plan Kenya works in any community there are awareness meetings to assist the communities in coming up with their own development plans and address important issues within the local area.
Following the school visit, I was introduced to Erick's family, which greeted me with bear hugs and wide smiles.  We shared a wonderful meal and chatted over tea as I presented the gifts and the food supplies I had for them.  I'm excited to see the future progress of this area and really would like to thank Plan Kenya as well as the village for planning such a memorable visit for me. Asante! (Thank you in Swahili)