SUCCESS!! Create for a Cause raised $1100 at the AFEM event

The panel moderated by Dominique Soguel

On Monday night, Create for a Cause raised $1100 for AFEM in a little over an hour! Diane Von Furstenberg donated another $1000 on top of the money raised! For a total of $2100!
These funds have been invested in three radio recorders, external hard disc, mics, cables headphones, laptop cases, adaptors, usbs, etc for the AFEM office in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Additional donations included:
Adam Graham Silverman donated a laptop
HRW staff donated a radio recorder and camera
American Eagle Outfitters donated a digital camera.
Last August, thieves robbed AFEM's office of computers, cameras and audio equipment. The organization was in need of replacing these stolen items. With the new equipment, the AFEM office now adequately equipped!!
The panel discussion event was informative and raised awareness as well as shed a new light on sexual violence in the DRC. There was a great turnout! A packed crowd, filling all the seats and spilling into the hallway, turning the rest of the Women's e-news office, into the standing room.
Afterwards, everyone stayed after to mingle and snack and sip on the complimentary wine and cheese plates.

Dominique is working closely with Chouchou to capitalize on all the contacts made at the event and during the weeklong meetings with various UN agencies and NGOs and recast existing AFEM projects according to the opportunities. Great news and more info to follow!