The AE Airlift

American Eagle Outfitters, my employer, has been instrumental in nurturing the giving spirit among their employees. As a result, I decided to use my contacts with AE to further aid the Pangaea Project. I'm pleased to say that AE offered to ship 6 boxes of computers donated by NYU for the VOR organization. In collaboration with Heather Metcalfe, the director of the non-profit, Artfully Unforgotten, who worked in conjunction with Lawyers without Borders, AE made contributions to 11 boxes of jeans, tees, socks, shoes and underwear, books, toys and art supplies to the Gisimba Orphanage. Shipping fees to Africa often inhibit people from making donations; however, AE generously offered to cover costs of all these shipments.
There are so many people to thank: Kristin Cederholm, Daniella Behr, Jeannie Crosby, Shannon Maldonado for helping to make sure unused samples were directed to the boxes.
I want to thank Marcie Ebhart, Director of the AE Foundation, Better World, for helping make this "airlift" possible, as well as Bryan Rodriguez and Mariola Kukulski for their support in this project.
A friend and colleague, Roi Elfassi, connected me with his friend at Adidas, Oliver Kann. Oliver was able to rally up 15 soccer balls to donate...which is awesome! These kids are going to love it. I would like to do a soccer camp with them. (Not that I really know how to play...but I will try and figure something out)
Barbara Mankoski for donating yarns and needles for a girls' knitting project and her $50 contribution for food at the orphanage.
Agata James for the used elementary school textbooks.
Jocelyn Reyes for the children's train set.
Ann Marie Mountford for her used baby clothes.
Samantha Singh for her used personal clothes.
The money raised at "The Ali & Chrissie Roof Party" was used to buy 5 cartons of Plumpy Nut, a peanut-based nutritional paste used to feed malnourished children. Plumpy Nut was developed by a member of the World Health Organization and is now being distributed to regions in need by Doctors without Borders. I was made aware of the benefits of Plumpy Nut by my friend, Elizabeth Benator. Thanks to all who chipped in between summer drinks.

And last, but not least...many thanks go to Boli Izurieta, Eddie Soriano, Greg Jamrozek, Barkim Matthews and Nori Ogata for helping with the moving, packing, organizing the shipping of donated samples.