The Change Exchange

Andrea Hannah with her org's tees and kid volunteers

The following story is a reason why I love internet technology, the web and blogs!! The ability to network with like-minded people around the world is so satisfying! More coming on this subject soon... ;-D (Hint: Create for a Cause expansion in Brazil!)

This is a wonderful project that Andrea Hannah is working on in Northville, Michigan. Andrea contacted me through my blog a few months ago, inquiring about schools and volunteer opportunities in Rwanda. I mentioned the Gisimba Orphanage projects I worked on and she expressed enthusiasm in helping out there while she is in Rwanda this summer. This will be great to partner with her and have her on board with fundraising for Gisimba Orphanage.

The Change Exchange is a non-profit organization that works to support schools and counseling centers throughout Africa. Currently, the organization is working in Rwanda and is fundraising for Gisimba Memorial Center and several primary schools outside of Kigali.

Andrea Hannah, the organization’s Executive Director, has created a program that connects kids to kids globally. Kids For Africa is a web-based program that incorporates education, motivation, and inspiration in its itinerary. The program offers educational resources as well as fundraising opportunities for children that want to help make a difference. Kids that participate in the program can earn Pencil Points in a variety of ways – from spreading the word about Africa to designing a t-shirt or donating pencils. Each Pencil Point earned is match by The Change Exchange and those pencils are given to Gisimba and the primary schools in Rwanda. The program has been a great success so far, and has expanded to Chicago schools and even all the way to Colchester, England. Andrea will be donating the proceeds and school supplies while in Rwanda this summer.

If you know a child that would like to connect with kids in Africa, send an email to or check out for more information (the site is new and still being updated).

Anyone, not only kids, can help support The Change Exchange by checking out the e-store at or making a donation. Details can be found under the “Make a Donation” tab at

Awesome job Andrea and can't wait to hear about your experiences in Rwanda!