The Grass is Greener: Green Scout Report

Unlike Kermit, it's easy being green with the help of Justine Suh's Green Scout Report.
It is a website dedicated to the celebration, education and promotion of responsible businesses and individuals as they push towards a smarter and more sustainable future. You will find professionally edited perspectives and breaking stories on:

* Insights from the most inspired business thinkers and designers of the day
* Companies and individuals reshaping the business world through sustainability
* Tips on how to enable and promote your business
* Profiles on the latest visionaries in stylish product design

Green Scout Report is a daily blog dedicated to being the definitive resource for understanding and benefiting from eco and sustainable business practices, as well as for gaining crucial information on innovations in eco-product design. The Green Scout Report website will be implemented alongside Suh's eco-product and branding consulting practice.

After spending a combined 12+ years in fashion and strategy consulting, Justine has decided to take her professional experience, education and contacts and combine them with her personal interests to promote style and substance as a an integral part of mainstream popular taste.

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