The Huruma Children's Home Orphanage - Kenya

photos by Stephen Digges

Kenya's economy is still in crisis under the presidency of Mwai Kibaki, and many programs started under the administration are left failing.  The Huruma Children's Home is an orphanage and mental institution for victims of abuse.  Located 2 hours outside of Nairobi, in a town called Nyeri, the orphanage was started by investigative journalist, Stephen Digges' family. 

I was introduced to Stephen, by my good friend, Jamey Poole.  Stephen was nice enough to let me crash at his pad while I was in Nairobi.  He started WIR pictures 8 years ago and has traveled and lived extensively in Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, DRC, Kenya and Syria.  A fellow Parsons School of Design alum, Stephen's living-on-the-edge motto is,  "If it's not a war zone, there's no point in going there."  
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