The World Log: Start Spreading the News...

Similarly, to Demotix's interactive, citizen-journalism format. The World Log is a pooling together a global database of personal accounts of development programs around the world.
This is great way to chronicle projects happening globally as well as way to network and partner with potential people/organizations.

The World Log is the place for those who are serious about international development and want to share their experiences and knowledge with like-minded people and learn from others. I love their slogan, "Realities of development. Stories from a world in progress."

Their aim is to aggregate stories and articles about development issues from bloggers, websites and networks and spread the knowledge to as many people as possible.

The World Log can be used in many ways. You can use the world map to find out more about development work and issues through the RSS feeds of registered bloggers, organizations and institutions. You can get your word out by linking your blog or website to The World Log. You can also get The World Log widget which puts a window to The World Log on your blog or website and displays topics that are relevant to you.

The platform is provided by the Swedish International Development Coorporation Agency (Sida). One of Sida's mission is to educate people in what development work is all about: what progress are being made in our cooperating countries, what issues are currently being dealt with and what does the daily life look like for people in different parts of the world. The hope and goal with The World Log is that it can be a platform for spreading stories that answer these questions, and a platform that encourages to further debate and discussions on topics like aid, environmental support and conflict solving.

The World Log already has several hundreds of blogs from all around the world listed as members, and they obviously hope that this initial strong growth will improve even more over time when bloggers start spreading the news. The site is still in beta and has not officially launched yet, so all you do-gooders out there, jump on the bandwagon now.

Initially, most members have been Scandinavian organizations, but as the interest grows they are contacting more personal bloggers in Africa, Asia and South America. As of today, probably around half of the members are situated in Europe and half in rest of the world.