UNGANA Foundation: Goals for Goal

In honor of Earth Day, here is a recycling project I'm going B-A-N-A-N-A-S over! ;-D

The UNGANA Foundation is working to make a difference by bringing people together to enact change. The word "ungana" means to “come together” in Swahili. The essence of the Ungana Foundation is to bring people together for the purpose of solving poverty and offering hope for generations which follow.

Ashley Linford is setting up operations in Gisenyi, Rwanda to put together banana fabric and business education entrepreneurial development project for UNGANA.

The Ungana entrepreneurs will benefit from business essentials training and start-up advising. Finance, bookkeeping, marketing, business management, and even economic concepts are essential lessons before starting and running a business. Setting apart the IIF program from other valuable options is the application of these studies used directly in business operations.

The Ungana Foundation’s IIF program is built on a strict savings plan that will mitigate or possibly eliminate accruing debt. Rather than borrowing a substantial amount, the UNGANA Foundation is matching the entrepreneur’s savings, building the capital needed to start their venture debt-free.

At the core of IIF is a venture that extracts and sells Banana Fibers. It is a new eco-friendly product with growing demand and taps enormous resources in Rwanda. Where these fibers are normally a waste product from banana cultivation, they can now be used to make textiles, paper, rope or even composites. Finally! A product that I can eat and wear! ...and write on! ;-D Waste Not, Want Not!

Currently, Ashley does the community outreach for the foundation, consisting of after-school clubs and volunteer networks. She is headed for Rwanda on May 15 to organize the 'Goals for Goal's program. They are also trying to secure funding for an XO Laptop deployment.

Wishing her luck and can't wait to hear more about her trip!