Where The Wild Things Are - Art Project Day at Gisimba Orphanage

Reading to the kids, Ildephonse translating

Moriah checking on the paintings

A cool painting in progress

The next Van Gough


Today, Moriah Brier and I taught an art class at the Gisimba Orphanage. I decided to base the project on one of my favorite childhood books, "Where the Wild Things Are". Ildephonse, the Director of Gisimba, translated my reading into Kinyarwanda.  And like Max, the boy in the book with the wild imagination, we wanted the children to use their imagination and create a mystical animal with magic powers.  I brought personal paints, brushes, pens, pencils and watercolor paper with me...as it would be the kids' first experience with paints!  At first, all the kids gravitated towards the markers and pencils, since they didn't really know what to do with the paints....but after a little mini demo, they all got the hang of it.

After the explanation, a former orphan/resident art teacher, Jean Bosco Bakunzi, and Kayo Higaki, a JICA volunteer (the Japanese Peace Corps), helped out and gave encouraging words to the kids.  It was a fun project for everyone and made for colorful art for the walls.  Thanks to all that helped out!
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