Willy - 18

Willy is studying Social and Human Sciences (Senior 5) at Kayonza Modern Secondary School.  He would like to pursue a successful career in Public Administration/Human Sciences and help his family.
His grandmother and aunt took care of him after his parents died from natural causes when he was a year old.  During the genocide, many of his relatives were killed or severely injured.  
After the war, his grandmother was ill and did not have finances to support him, so he was taken to Gisimba orphanage, where he lived until 2000.   She is currently 81 years old and he tells me she has influenced him a lot over the years.  She has disciplined him, taught him how to treat others and ways to avoid conflict and problems.  She believes,  "The behaviors and qualities one inherits from their mother, help one adapt to new environments and people."
Willy feels the country is on a good path and is experiencing stability and security.  He hopes everything will continue to get better.
He likes to study, play soccer and eat potatoes/chips, rice, meat, pizza and soup.